Did you know that Apple has just opened a tech…


The tech giant Apple has just started a tech support account on Twitter and it already has more than 196,000 followers!

Image Source: Apple Support
Image Source: Apple Support

Apple already has several tech support related Twitter accounts, including @BeatsSupport (for Beats by Dr. Dre) and @AppleMusicHelp, but now the company has officially launched @AppleSupport.

The new account was opened on the 3rd of March and as of now it has more than 196,000 followers on the social networking website. However, before you make any prejudices, the new Twitter page isn’t really all about answering users’ questions and acting like a personal help desk. Instead, the account is for posting various tips, tricks and even tutorials of large variety regarding different software and hardware related services that Apple is offering. For instance, it’s currently promoting the new Notes app. Some of the tips are centered around the AirDrop, e-mail tricks, iCloud services, Siri tricks, and so on. Of course, needless to say that as soon as it was launched the account was flooded with tons of people seeking actual tech support from the people managing it. Instead of finding out solutions to their problems, they received more promotional tweets from Apple regarding its products and services.


On the other hand, Apple claims that the new tech support account will be used to deliver promos and not to retweet the solutions to some software related issues or anything like that. However, many people have a reason to believe that by creating another Twitter account the company is making a big move towards reaching a wider arrange of new and old Apple users. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see if this account will actually be helpful or if it will just promote the tech giant’s products and services without carrying out the deeds a technical support team should carry out.


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