Did You Know That Ashton Kutcher Studied Biomedical Engineering At The University Of Iowa To…


Christopher Ashton Kutcher is a Hollywood actor, producer and an ex model who first gained popularity for hosting and creating the reality show ‘Punk’d’ back in the day. Some of his most famous movies where he played a lead include ‘Jobs’, ‘Dude,Where’s My Car?’, ‘The Butterfly Effect’, ‘What Happens In Vegas’ and many others. Since 2011 the actor has been starring in the popular CBS sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men’ where Kutcher’s character was introduced in order to replace Charlie Sheen after the latter had been fired from the show.


Although the actor rarely mentions his private life, the existence of his fraternal twin brother has become known to the public. Michael was born with a heart condition and had a heart transplant as a child. Ashton has opened up to having a really stressful family life as a youngster due to his brother’s worsening condition. When he was 13 years old the actor even contemplated committing a suicide just to provide his brother with a heart transplant. Luckily, his father stopped him and soon after that a transplant became available.


In order to save money for college Kutcher worked as a temporary hire in the General Mills plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The actor wanted to study biochemical engineering as a major hoping to find a cure for his brother’s heart illness. He enrolled in the University of Iowa in 1996 but later dropped out to pursue a career in acting.


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