Did You Know That Ashton Kutcher Was The First To Tell His Ex Wife ….


Demi Moore had a really tough time while dealing with her breakup from Ashton Kutcher. Perhaps that was the reason the actor wanted to be the first to tell Demi that he is about to become a father. The 36-year-old star from ‘Two and a Half Men’ wanted his ex wife to be among the first who found out about Mila Kunis’ pregnancy.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

A source close to the actor shares that Demi was one of the first few people he called when he found out about the happy news. Even though it seems shocking considering Demi and Ashton’s bitter divorce, people close to the star point out that it was in his nature. Ashton how hard such a news would hit Demi so he wanted her to hear it from him first. The actor wants to stay friends with Demi but it might be impossible given how hard it was for her during their breakup.


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