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Did you know that Bear Grylls gained his most spectacular scar for his…


Edward Michael Grylls, known better as “Bear” is a man with many stories. He’s known worldwide for his TV series Man Vs. Wild (or Born Survivor) on Discovery Channel. Grylls fought with wild animals and Mother Nature’s spectacular wilderness for 7 whole seasons. His adventurous nature gave him some serious scars – both psychological and physical.


In an interview for Men’s Journal, Grylls told another story – the one about one of his most spectacular scars up to 2011. He joked with the huge scar on his chest, telling the media he wished it was from an alligator or some other lethal creature. However, he admitted it was caused by none other than Mr. Oven – the stove in his kitchen. Grylls was baking himself a pizza and was careless enough to burn himself with the oven rack.


Having in mind he’s the youngest Chief Scout and one of the youngest people to ever climb Everest (when he was 23), an oven burn doesn’t stand a chance against this adventurous man!


Written by Patrick Bennet

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