Did you know that Ben Affleck dropped out of college after his…


Ben Affleck has been one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood for the past two decades. However, not many people know that the 41 year old Academy Award winner is actually a college drop-out.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Back in the day Affleck blew lots of money on the Occidental College in Los Angeles. During one of his creative writing classes he handed in his assignment, which was a screenplay. His teacher, however, decided the 20 page long screenplay wasn’t good enough. In fact, she thought it was so ridiculous that she refused to accept it. Affleck was so infuriated by his teacher’s opinion that he walked out of her class, walked out of the college and never returned. Even nowadays the actor is convinced that going to college is a waste of time and money.


As it turned out, his screenplay later turned into a larger collaboration with his fellow actor Matt Damon for the movie Good Will Hunting. The script won both of them an Academy Award in 1997 for Best Original Screenplay. Two years ago Affleck won his second Oscar for producing the movie Argo. 


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