Did you know that Ben Affleck received an honorary


Ben Affleck might have received two Academy Awards, but he recently got his very first university degree.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

The 41 year old Californian actor was honored with a doctorate in Fine Arts earlier in May last year. Affleck, who won his first Oscar back in 1997 and his second one in 2012, attended college more than 20 years ago, but decided the higher education wasn’t for him. After one of his teachers refused to accept a short script he had written for a creative writing class, he got so offended that he left college and never returned again. However, Brown, the notorious IV League University in Rhode Island, thought Affleck deserved an honorary degree for his excellent work as an actor, producer and writer, as well as for being a picture perfect humanitarian. Affleck received his degree all dressed up in a graduating gown and cap and gave a short speech during the ceremony.


The 41 year old actor dedicated his degree to his mother. Apart from Affleck, 5 other people received honorary degrees from Brown in 2013.


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