Did You Know That Beyonce And Jay-Z Have Been Accused Of Being Illuminati ….


The term “Illuminati” ranks among the most favorite words of 21st century conspiracy theorists. There is just no end to the numerous secret schemes that are attributed to the secret society of the Illuminati. Many people believe that the occult covert movement really exists with the sole purpose of dethroning current governments and establishing a New World Order.


In the recent months America’s top celebrities Jay-Z and Beyonce have been accused of masterminding their on screen appearances in servitude to the secret Illuminati cult. They have been photographed numerous times flashing the symbols of the cult. From making pyramid signs with their hands to discovering impressively complicated analogies with occult books in their lyrics, the theorists have made the crowds believe the unimaginable.

To make it even a bigger deal, Beyonce and Jay-Z named their child Blue Ivy. This helped in the creation of mass media frenzy regarding the toddler’s name. Many believed that spelled backwards the name was an anagram that translated from Latin language meant “Lucifer’s daughter”.


Jay-Z and Beyonce are not the only top stars accused of subliminally pushing the Illuminati ideas to their audience. But it seems that they’ve embraced the idea and decided to plan very meticulously what to wear and what to do during their live performances just to keep the crowd talking about them.


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