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Did You Know That Beyonce And President Obama Might Be Having An…


A very bizarre rumor is circulating the web and, supposedly, would be featured in a number of newspapers very soon. President Obama is said to be having an affair with none other than pop singer Beyonce. The rumor sounds quite ridiculous and has been made public by a French photographer named Pascal Rostain.

Source: Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America
Source: Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America

The man states there is obvious distance between President Obama and his wife Michelle during their public appearances. Rostain also claims that the situation with French president Hollande was similar. He was first seen appearing very distant from his wife on TV images, then rumored to be having an affair with an actress and the rumors eventually proved true. So Rostain insinuates history might repeat itself when it comes to President Obama and Beyonce.


However, these allegations and assumptions are emerging just when the President of France happens to be visiting the White House. A supposed “scandal” featuring the US President and an attractive woman from the entertainment industry might be just a little too convenient to happen at this exact time, so there is a great chance the whole thing is orchestrated.


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