Did you know that Beyonce freaked out at 50 Cent over…


By the looks of it the drama in the Knowles-Carter family just won’t blow over these days. From family scandals to divorce rumors – and now even 50 Cent is brought in the picture.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Curtis James Jackson II, or 50 Cent, recently gave an interview for Power 105.1 and admitted that he had had a brief squabble with none other but Beyoncé herself. 50 Cent and Jay Z were apparently talking at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas when Mrs. Knowles-Carter came out of nowhere and started shouting at 50 Cent. Beyoncé thought the rapper and her husband were settling some scores and felt like she had to get to the bottom of it. The 32 year old Pretty Hurls singer freaked out at 50 Cent over her husband and ranted at him so much that the rapper was shaken by her verbal attack.


50 Cent and Jay-Z have a long history of rivalry. The I Ain’t Gonna Lie singer even made fun of the public scandal Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s sister Solange started in New York last month.  


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