Did You Know That Beyonce Has Shown She Stands By Her Sister By…


After Solange attacked her brother-in-law Jay Z, people started predicting a scandal between her and Beyonce. However, the diva has shown she has no problem whatsoever with her younger sister by posting a photo of them on Instagram. The photo depicts the two beauties smiling and showing a great bond between them.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Solange attacjed Jay Z during the night of the Met Gala but the video emerged a few weeks later. People have been shocked by the aggression the 27-year-old woman shows in the video and even more by her sister’s passiveness who was just standing there completely calm. The reason for Solange’s outburst has already been revealed. In fact, she wanted to defend Beyonce after finding out Jay Z was planning to attend a party without his wife. In the end, the rapper didn’t attend any party but went home alone while his wife and her sister left in another car.


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