Did you know that Beyonce is suing Feyonce for…


No, this isn’t a word pun. Beyonce is suing an actual brand, named Feyonce, over copyright infringement.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

Feyonce Inc., the company in question, has been selling controversial merchandise like T-shirts and mugs for quite a while on Etsy and using Beyonce’s fame as a way to gain revenue. The brand not only sounds a lot like the singer’s name, but they are actually using it to their advantage. For example, they started selling engagement mugs with the tagline “Feyonce: He put a ring on it” – a clear example of how the brand has been illegally profiting from Beyonce’s hit single from 2008 Single Ladies.

This isn’t the only case in which Feyonce have inflicted copyright infringement on Queen Bey’s empire. In fact, her representatives have contacted the company on several occasions and have threatened them in many ways, but apparently, that didn’t stop Feyonce from selling more merchandise goods. Now Beyonce is suing them, because their products might pose harm to her own brand and might confuse many people with the wrong idea that the singer is connected in any way to the Feyonce brand. The singer’s lawyers have stated that the way the company is inflicting damage on Queen Bey’s own brand is “brazen” and “wanton”. They claim that Feyonce is intentionally and maliciously making profits from Beyonce’s success and that the company is harming the singer’s brand and image in irreparable ways by selling such goods with such taglines.


Half a year ago Beyonce had a similar experience with another company, named ParisElevan. In late 2015 she sued the company in question for selling T-shirts and other products with her face, name and song lyrics on them without her permission. Her husband Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rihanna and Pharrell also sued ParisEleven for the exact same reason.


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