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Recent reports claim that Beyonce is pregnant with her and Jay-Z’s second child!

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z welcomed their first and only child, daughter Blue Ivy Carter, in January 2012. Rumors stating that the singer is pregnant with her second child have been circling the media ever since October 2015, but now it seems that there may be some truth to them after all.


In the last couple of months Queen Bey has been seen sporting not so tight outfits and she appeared conspicuous even on her own Instagram photos, in which she covered her stomach with her hands. Neither her, nor Jay-Z’s representatives have addressed the pregnancy rumors, but some paparazzi shots of the 34 year old singer show her sporting what seems to be a baby bump. Some unidentified sources that are allegedly close to Beyonce and Jay-Z claim that she is indeed pregnant. Not only that, but the sources also shared that Bey has been inspired by the bond Kanye West shares with his newborn son Saint West and wants to give the experience of having a baby boy to her own husband. These sources told the media that Beyonce has been talking non-stop with Kim Kardashian about pregnancy, accepting advices about juggling two kids at once, and even asking about the “magical bond” between Kanye and his son.

If the pregnancy rumors are true, then Beyonce has probably been inspired to give Jay-Z a son thanks to learning about Kanye West’s love for his newborn son. And if so – congratulations to Jay-Z and Queen Bey! The two of them were at number one on Forbes’ list for the highest paid celebrity couples in the world ever since 2013 and they stayed there till 2015 when they were dethroned by Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.


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