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Did you know that Bill Gates is a Redit user's Secret….


A Reddit user had the shock of her life this December when she joined the Reddit gifts program and found out her Secret Santa was Bill Gates himself.


The user, identified only as Rachel, admitted she had joined the program because she liked the opportunity behind it for people to receive educational and other benefits. Rachel, who’s currently studying for a Master’s degree, received an unexpected gift from a more unexpected Santa. Gates had sent a cow signed under her name to a family in need of dairy products and financial aid. Rachel received a plush cow as a symbol of the great cause. The billionaire had also sent her an autograph and a travel book. The Secret Santa program’s intentions were to help people in need help themselves. Gates’ deed surely helped a family in need and helped Rachel. It wasn’t financially, but the cow surely will always remind her that she did a wonderful thing by joining the program.
How would you react if you suddenly found out that your Secret Santa was the second richest man on the whole planet?


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