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Did You Know That Bill Gates Turned Out To Be A Woman's ….


When Christmas is just around the corner there is one gift exchange tradition that is the most favorite for anyone who likes mystery gifts: the Secret Santa. This year a girl only known by the name Rachel received the best gift of her lifetime from an unexpected person.

Rachel participated in the online Secret Santa gift exchange campaign organized by the social entertainment website Reddit. She wished for somewhat girly glittery stuff such as make up and nail polish as well as a brand new Apple iPad.


“Unfortunately”, she received only a stuffed cow, a note that said a charitable donation was made in her name to the organization Heifer International and a huge National Geographic encyclopedia featuring the best travel destinations in the world. The stuffed cow symbolized a real cow that had been given to a family in need. Rachel was more than happy with her gift made by a mysterious Bill.


As she dug quite fast into her gift package she missed the special note which was signed and written by none other than the most rich man in the world, the Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

When Rachel realized who her Secret Santa really was she couldn’t be more shocked but happy. She posted pictures on her Reddit account providing the public with proof. In the end of her post she also jokingly apologized for wanting an Apple iPad.


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