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Did You Know That Bill Gates Wrote Dying Steve Jobs A Letter And…


Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, the two geniuses of our century, have had a long-standing rivalry which gradually turned into friendship and mutual respect over time. Gates used to abstain from discussing his relationship with the ‘Apple’ co-founder but soon after Jobs’ passing, he revealed the truth about their bond. Gates described Steve Jobs as being an incredible genius with immense contribution to their mutual field. Once a Harvard drop-out, the Microsoft founder tactfully stated that he was the dominant one during most of the time of competition with Jobs.


However, Jobs wasn’t as polite in his publicly expressed opinion about his rival. The ‘Apple’ co-founder was cited calling Gates “a bit narrow and unimaginative” before the two became friendly. Gates went to visit Jobs in his home several months before the latter passed away. He described their meeting as very amicable. Just a few weeks before Jobs’ decease Bill Gates wrote him a letter. Gates assured him he should feel happy about his great accomplishments and the company he had built. Soon after Jobs’ funeral Laurene Jobs’ called Gates to thank him for his letter to her husband. She shared that Jobs’ appreciated the kind words very much and kept the letter by his bed until his last day. Mrs. Jobs also stated that her husband’s biography didn’t reflect the mutual respect between the two great men.


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