Did You Know That Bladder Cancer Is Treated By Injecting Cow Tuberculosis Bacteria In Your….


Around 383,000 cases of bladder cancer have occurred worldwide. Bladder cancer isn’t a common type of cancer, but it sure is just as dangerous. It’s a disease in which the urinary bladder suffers from uncontrollable multiplying of abnormal cells. In other words, you experinece blood in your urine, pain, stinging and infections. If it’s not treated, it could eventually cause death just like any other type of cancer.


Chemotherapy is the most common key to any treatment. And shockingly, US doctors have come up with a way to use a certain type of bacteria in order to treat bladder cancer through immunotherapy. The treatment consists of intravesicular delivery of Bacillus Calmette–Guérin vaccine. It’s used against tuberculosis, but the US government has made it legal for bladder cancer treatment. It’s prepared from live bovine tuberculosis bacillus, which isn’t virulent to humans. The bacteria in the injections trigger a certain reaction from the human immune system, which purifies cancer cells in the bladder.
It may sound repulsive, but the BCG immunotherapy has proven to be effective in up to 2/3 of the cases. More so, it prevents the cancer from recurrence.



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