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Did You Know That Blind People's Dreams Consist Of…


Have you ever wondered what blind people see when they dream? Scientists have the answer.


If the person’s blindness has occurred before the first 7 years of their life, the dream will be consisted of no visual experience. However, there are rare cases when a blind person describes visual experience during a dream. Nevertheless, these experiences aren’t literally visual ones, rather than just an abstract sense. For example, they can’t really describe what the thing or the person they saw looked like. In other words, the blind don’t actually see anything, they rather feel and sense it.


If the blindness occurred after the age of 7, there’s a big chance the dream will consist of lively visual experiences. However, the images seen by people, whose blindness has occurred after their 7th year, will later become unclear and blurry. As time passes, the images will become vaguer and vaguer until it all becomes a blur. Despite that, there’s a chance that some kind of visions will remain in the blind person’s dreams throughout their life.


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