Did you know that blood can be used as an egg substitute in…


You probably won’t be craving an ice cream once you read this…

Image Source: FLICKR Image is for illustrational purposes only!!!
Image Source: FLICKR
Image is for illustrational purposes only!!!


Nordic Food Lab, a non-profit organization based in Denmark, had a theory about blood being used in cooking, so they decided to conduct a research on it and do some tests. Their work was rewarded with several conclusions. First of all, the protein composition of the blood is so similar to the one of the egg, that it can actually make for an egg substitute in ice cream, cakes, pancakes, meringues and all sorts of meals that require eggs and baking. The research results claim that 65g of blood can substitute an egg of 58g and 43g of blood can pass for an egg white of 33g. Not only that, but it turned out that blood is actually used in a variety of products we buy from the store. Pig blood can be found in pharmaceutic, cosmetic and commercial products all around the world.


So, do you fancy a blood “chocolate” cake for dessert?


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