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Did you know that Brad Pitt injured his Achilles tendon while playing Ach….


Brad Pitt got his name for numerous block-buster titles such as The Mexican, Ocean’s Twelve, Troy and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. However, his path to fame wasn’t always a facile achievement. He had to work hard for his glorious image and he had to take some beating from time to time.


For example, while filming Troy, probably one of his most successful projects, he played the almighty Achilles, which had only one weak spot – his famous Achilles tendon. As ironic as it gets, Pitt also injured his Achilles tendon during the filming. The acclaimed actor was shooting a scene in which the Greek demi-god was fighting a warrior, named Boagrius, who he had to kill. However, instead of “killing” the enemy, Pitt killed his abilities to shoot another scene for the upcoming 3 months, because he injured a tendon near his heel.


On the bright side, he received the MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance and the Teen Choice Award for Best Drama/Action Adventure movie actor.


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