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Did You Know That Brad Pitt Was Banned From China Again Because….


Due to his performance in ‘7 Years In Tibet’ Brad Pitt was banned from ever entering the People’s Republic of China which is the country’s official name. Saying that the Chinese government wasn’t a fan of the movie would be an understatement as Chinese authorities were really infuriated by the way their rule in Tibet was depicted. The plot is based of the real live story of an Austrian mountaineer who spent several years in the Himalayan country and was portrayed by Brad Pitt.

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Apparently, Brad Pitt is now banned not only from entering the country itself but from Chinese cyberspace as well. An account of the actor which was later verified as legitimate was set up on Sina Weibo, a hybrid of Twitter and one of the most popular websites in the country. The first tweet from the actor’s account announced that “it was the truth and he was coming to China”. The result was more than 8,000 comments and 20,000 reposts in just a couple of hours.

However, soon after that Pitt’s account was deleted from the site. It’s still not clear whether Sina itself decided to remove it or they were ordered from the Chinese authorities but the result was no more Brad Pitt in Chinese cyberspace.





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