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Did You Know That Brian Griffin Came Back To Life After …..


All the ‘Family Guy’ fans worldwide should be everything but sad because the family dog Brian Griffin is back from the dead. Last month the beloved canine was killed off in a tragic car accident and then replaced seemingly quickly and painlessly by the dog Vinnie, voiced by ‘The Sopranos’ actor Tony Sirico.

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In the very same tragic episode the devastated Griffin family mourned the passing of Brian in quite a trivial way. Despite having appeared in almost every single episode of the animated series, Brian got ran over by a speeding car in a rather blunt fashion.

Now the character is alive once again. After Sunday’s episode the fans witnessed the daring efforts of Stewie to save his best friend in the whole world. The genius 1-year-old Stewie crafts a master plan in which he steals his own time travel device from himself. He then goes back in time in the very same moment the car is about to hit Brian and pushes him bravely out of harm’s way.


In the end of the episode entitled “Christmas Guy” the Griffin family is happily reunited for the holidays.


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