Did You Know That Britain's Stupidest Criminal Took A Selfie With A Stolen ….


A girl named Daniela has lost her phone while being at a club in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. The 21-year-old was really sad about losing her phone but imagine her surprise when she came upon a photo of a strange man in her Dropbox account.


The whole “mystery” was actually quite simple – the thief who took Daniela’s phone also took a selfie with the stolen device which got automatically uploaded to the phone owner’s Dropbox account. The girl explains her Samsung Galaxy phone was in her bag which she had with her at all times so the thief must have been really skillful. She only realized she no longer had her phone once she was already out of the club.


However, it is a good thing Daniela uses Dropbox to save space as now she has a picture of the alleged thief which she had given to the police. The authorities are currently searching for the man who took the selfie.


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