Did You Know That Britney Spears Allegedly Sported Fake…


On the 27 of December last year Britney Spears made her debut on the Las Vegas scene. The 32-year-old pop star delivered an outstanding concert experience in front of more than 4,600 people in Planet Hollywood. The concert was held in the hotel’s Axis theater. The 90 minute performance of Britney included lavish dresses, elaborate dance routines and special effects worthy of a star like her. The singer performed her newest songs as well as darker and gloomier versions of her old hits. The crowd was ecstatic, especially Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, who were there to see their idol perform live on stage.

Image Source: Britney Spears / Instagram
Image Source: Britney Spears / Instagram

The spectacular extravaganza included a handful of peculiar skin-baring costume changes. For her ballad song “Everytime” Britney made an appearance as an angel floating from heaven and for “Toxic” she emerged on top of a huge tree. Besides the lavish costumes Britney showed another type of modern and a bit odd accessory. The 32-year-old was probably not feeling very comfortable in her own skin as she decided to sport fake abdominals. Perhaps the star opted for some make-up magic that would give her that perfect Las Vegas image.


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