Did You Know That Britney Spears Is Planning To Retire Right After…


Although the Princess of Pop has currently reached a really high point in her music career, on the eve of her first Planet Hollywood performance in Las Vegas on Dec. 27 Britney seemed to be considering taking a step backwards. In a recent interview the singer shared she really misses her native Louisiana and is even thinking about retiring. Britney explained that L.A. is really tiring for her and she longs for the simpler lifestyle of the southern state, its food and its people.


The 32-year-old star, that also has a brand new album and a documentary coming out soon, explained that she was much happier before she became famous. Britney shared she would definitely move back to Louisiana if she was to have another baby. The singer also admitted she is really keen on having more children, now that she is in love again. Britney has been with David Lucado, a legal firm employee from Atlanta, for 8 months and, reportedly, the two are getting along great. It seems as we are to expect more babies rather than hits from the Princess of Pop.


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