Did you know that Bryan Adams is going to compose the music for the new…


The legendary Bryan Adams is going to compose music for a new project, which will allegedly be a musical based on the iconic movie Pretty Woman with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Garry Marshall, the director and producer standing behind titles like Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and Pretty Woman, has been working on a brand new project over the course of nearly a year. The 81 year old Hollywood icon is going to do a remake of his legendary movie Pretty Woman, but instead of bringing it to the big screen, this time Pretty Woman will be turned into a Broadway musical.

Marshall recently spoke about the project, on which he’s also working with Jerry Mitchell – a choreographer and theater director, who is famous for Hairspary, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Scent of a Woman. Mitchell and Marshall have hired a team of musicians for this brand new musical and Bryan Adams is the main feature among the composers. That’s right – the 56 year old rock legend is going to compose the soundtrack for the new musical based on Pretty Woman and we are pretty sure it’s going to be amazing. Marshall shared that Adams is very good at what he does and that he’s also getting some help from another song writer – Jim Vallance, who has worked with Adams on numerous projects and has also written music for other famous recording artists like Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, and so on.


Released back in 1990 Pretty Woman was the movie, which basically kick-started Julia Roberts’ glamorous and super successful Hollywood career. With a team that involves some of the original brains behind the iconic romantic comedy and Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance as composers, the new musical is without a doubt destined for greatness!


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