Did you know that Burglars Used Permanent Marker To Cover Their Faces And…


Around Halloween in 2009 Matthew McNeely and Joye Miller attempted to break into an apartment in their home town of Iowa. It is a very small town with about 10,000 people so, there’s no surprise that everybody knows everybody and they all know what each other’s cars look like. The two burglars were pulled over and also arrested. Just then, the police noticed their “disguise”


Joye miller and Matthew McNeely didn’t even take the time to properly disguise themselves by getting masks. That would have been pretty dang easy to do seeing as it was Halloween time. Instead they covered their faces with permanent marker. There’s not too much more to say, the photo of them and their choice of disguise says enough. I wonder if they really thought the permanent markers would work the same way as a ski mask would. I’m doubting it. And how long did it take them to get the marker off? Probably quite a while. I’m hoping every time thru looked in the mirror and seen the market they realized what a bad choice they had made to break into am apartment. Obviously these guys aren’t the brightest marker in the box.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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