Did you know that Californian doctors are being accused for applying stick-on moustaches on uncon….


Drawing a fake moustache or applying stickers on someone’s face while they were sleeping usually stops being amusing after 7th grade. However, it looks like some fully grown people are still doing it.

photo for illustration purposes only. Source:
photo for illustration purposes only. Source:

A woman woke up in shock after surgery at a Californian hospital. The unnamed patient had a stick-on moustache on her upper lip and teardrop stickers glued to her cheeks. It turned out that her surgeon had had some fun while his patient had been unconscious on the operating table. Things got worse when the woman found out the doctor had snapped a photograph of his creation. And as if the picture wasn’t bad enough, he even uploaded it on the Internet so that everyone could admire it. The patient was so furious that she slapped the medic with a lawsuit.


In his defence, the doctor told the media that he thought his patient would see the prank as funny and amusing, because she had been his co-worker for 13 years before she became a patient. He thought wrong!


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