Did you know that Calvin Harris got into a car accident


The Scottish DJ Adam Richard Wiles, who’s professionally known by his stage name Calvin Harris, got engaged into a nasty car accident in Los Angeles, California, US, earlier in May.
The 32 year old DJ is usually making headlines for his relationship with Taylor Swift or for the success of his musical projects. However, this time Calvin got into some serious trouble when his SUV vehicle was engaged in a road accident in California.


According to official reports, an unnamed teenage driver maneuvered her Volkswagen Beetle right into the side of Harris’ SUV. The collision, which happened on the roads of Los Angeles, was so severe that the side of Calvin’s car was nearly taken away by the other driver’s vehicle. On top of that, all drivers and passengers involved in the car accident were heavily injured. The unnamed girl, who collided with Harris’ driver, was reportedly left with a broken pelvis. Harris, on the other side, was immediately rushed into a local hospital where he was admitted for severe injuries. The details surrounding the 32 year old DJ’s injuries remain undisclosed, but it was reported that he is currently in recovery.
Harris had to cancel two of his upcoming gigs because of the car accident, but the only thing his representatives have openly revealed to the media is that the DJ “sustained a number of injuries”. It’s now clear how severe the consequences of the road accident were for Harris, but at least he’s recovering. On the other hand, Calvin is doing quite well on the professional side. His single “This Is What You Came For” with Rihanna went Platinum in the Australian ARIA charts and back in April this year he won the Dance Artist of the Year award at the 3rd annual iHeartRadio Music Awards.


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