Did you know that cats instinctively don't want to drink from the water bowl which is next to….


It’s widely known that cats are whimsical and fastidious creatures. They can be cuddly and purring fluffy pets at one moment and turn your world upside down the next. Their wayward nature is a part of their fascinating essence. However, when we welcome a domesticated cat in our home, we could face numerous problems.


Like the cat’s reluctance to drink from its water bowl if it’s placed next to the food bowl. Don’t worry, it’s only natural to place the two bowls next to each other. The problem comes from the cat’s instincts. A wild cat will never drink water from a source if it’s near its freshly killed prey. The cat’s instincts say that the water could be contaminated by the dead prey.


Domesticated cats usually learn how to overcome their wild instincts but you should be aware that these creatures will always be fastidious about everything that’s surrounding them.


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