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Did You Know That Chewing Gum While Studying And Then Chewing The Same Flavor While….


We have all heard the the practice of chewing gum while studying and the chewing gum at the exam will help you remember. Archaeologists have discovered what is believed to be the oldest chewing gum made out of bark tar that dates back to the Neolithic period or 5,000 years ago. There are many other civilizations that chewed different gum-like substances known for their antiseptic and medicinal properties.

Recently our modern day researchers have proven that chewing gum on a regular basis while studying can actually improve memory recall, alertness and brain function in general.


They have conducted a research among 224 undergraduate students by dividing them into three groups. The first one chewed gum while studying for a test and then during the test itself. The second chewed gum just 5 minutes prior to the test and the third did not chew gum at all.


As it turns out the participants from the first group had the best results. This proved that having increased blood flow to your brain due to the chewing as well as the smell of the gum helps improve memory immensely. This effect can only last a certain period of time but the researchers are convinced that chewing gum can give you a big advantage in a certain way.


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