Did you know that Chicago customs seized $16,000 fake…


Customs in Chicago, US, seized $16,000 fake hoverboards at the borders.

Image Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Image Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Somebody tried to smuggle $16,000 unauthorized and fake hoverboards posing as legitimate ones from China all the way to the US. The hovering boards were caught by custom officials at the Chicago borders.

According to official reports, the hoverboards in question were worth around $6 million, but there’s no word on who shipped them there. The reports state that each of the hoverboards had fake stickers on them, which were aimed to fool the buyers that the products were legitimate, safe and fully functional. The interest in hoverboards grew back in the late 1980s and the 1990s when Back To The Future II became a hit and everybody thought it would be super cool if somebody invented futuristic gadgets that were shown in the movie. Of course, by the time the characters traveled to 2015 we had already invented hoverboards, so it comes to no surprise that people from all over the world started ordering the hovering crafts and the interest in these gadgets rose up to epic proportions.


Another thing that rose up to epic proportions is the number of reports of fake hoverboards exploding and causing financial damage and actual injuries to people, who believed they had bought a safe product. Chicago’s custom officials stated that the $16,000 hoverboards they had seized were going to pose great danger not only to the consumers, but also to companies, who actually work hard to produce safe hoverboards.

The fake li-on batteries in these tech toys are the main reason for the malfunctioning devices. The reports also state that Chicago customs believe the number of confiscated fake hovering boards will increase significantly as they are currently running an investigation regarding the massive shipment from China to the US.


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