Did you know that Chris Brown’s house got robbed while his aunt was…


Rapper Chris Brown’s house was robbed by several armed men while his own aunt was inside it!
Chris Brown and the police are no strangers to each other. The 26 year old Virginia-born rapper has a long history of domestic violence and other legal troubles dating back since his teen years. This time, however, he appears to be the victim in the situation for a change.

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Around 2 AM on the 15th of July this year several armed men robbed Brown’s house located in Los Angeles’ Tarzana neighborhood. Brown’s aunt was home alone when the robbers broke into the residency and locked her up in a closet where she had to spend an undisclosed amount of time. She called the 911 hotline after the robbers left the house. According to the first official reports, she saw 3 black men, although later updates state that there were probably 5 men in the house. They took cash, electronics and other personal belongings from Brown’s home. It’s still not clear if the 16 surveillance cameras in the house managed to get a clear footage of the robbers or if they were even recording during that night. The 26 year old Brown arrived at the spot a couple of hours after the robbers fled the scene and he refused to comment on the case. Unfortunately for him, his house is too remoted from any neighbors, who might have seen something.


The investigation regarding the male robbers is still ongoing. The LAPD’s robbery and homicide division has been assigned on top of the case. The rapper purchased the house back in May this year after a 21 year old female stalker broke into his former home located in Agoura Hills, Los Angeles. Brown found the stalker inside his home wearing his bath towels. She later pleaded not guilty to her charges.


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