Did you know that Christina Applegate attended the 1989 MTV Movie Awards with Brad Pitt, but him…


Christina Applegate confessed that a long time ago she ditched Brad Pitt (on their date!) for another guy!

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

The 51 year old Brad Pitt is considered as the most attractive man on the planet by tons of fans and throughout the years he has dated many gorgeous women of his rank – from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Aniston and, of course, Angelina Jolie. But what you probably don’t know is that he also went for another blonde actress, who actually turned him down before things went serious – Christina Applegate.


Applegate and Pitt thought it would be a good idea to date back in 1989. At that time Married With Children was airing its second season, Christina was 18 years old, Pitt was 26 years old and he had already stared in more than half a dozen projects. The two of them went on to the MTV Movie Awards together as each other’s date, but things didn’t go according to plan. In fact, they didn’t turn out well for Brad at all! Christina decided to ditch him mid-date in order to leave with some other guy. All these years Brad and Christina have kept their mouths shut about the disastrous date, but during an interview with Andy Cohen for Watch What Happens Christina decided to come clean. The 47 year old actress admitted that she had indeed ditched Pitt for another guy, but she refused to name the other man. Nevertheless, Applegate confessed that the unnamed guy wasn’t an actor, even though his name was well-known amongst the celebrities and the mere mortals.

So, who is this mysterious guy really? And what did he have that Brad Pitt doesn’t have? And could things have worked out between Pitt and Applegate if she hadn’t left him behind?


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