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Did you know that Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, prefers the m…


When fans of a particular book go to see the movie version of the story, there’s always two opinions – love it or hate it. And in most cases, the second opinion is the dominant one. However, when the book’s own author likes the movie more than the book itself, that’s a whole different story!

source: youtube
source: youtube

Back in the 1990s Chuck Palahniuk wrote Fight Club, oblivious to the fact that several years after his book’s release it would become a notorious blockbuster starring Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter and Edward Norton. Palahniuk was shocked by the fact that the screenwriters had taken most of the script directly from the book and by the additional scenes. He was so shocked that he didn’t realize how much he liked the movie until after the actual premiere of Fight Club in 1999. The author loved the simplified plot, the several unexpected twists and the mostly word by word script taken from the book’s dialogue.


Not only that, but he shared on the DVD documentary for the film that he even preferred the movie version in several scenes!


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