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Coca Cola Printed “You Retard” On a Cap Of a Bottle For Their Publicity Campaign

Recently there has been a Coca Cola publicity campaign in Canada that became viral but soon got cancelled  because of its unusually striking offensive nature.

A case was reported by a woman named Blake Loates in which she explains how she opened one of Coca Cola’s bottled products and on the inside of the cap she shockingly discovered very mean words. The incident happened while the whole family was having dinner at a restaurant in Edmonton, Canada. They found this strongly insulting since Loates’s little sister is, unfortunately, developmentally delayed. Luckily for all, the cap was left unseen by the youngster.

Image Source: Daily Mail

Company representative in the face of the Shannon Deny, who is responsible for communications, explained the whole idea of the project was to encourage consumers to collect the bottle caps and to build amusing sentences with them.

The disastrous mix up of words came from the fact that Canada is an established bilingual country with both French and English speaking population and the same words are treated with different meaning by both parties.

This was not the only mistake made by Coca Cola because a cap with the word “douche” written on the inside has also been discovered.

In conclusion to the story the company has shut down the campaign and destroyed all the bottle caps just to make sure that no one else gets unintentionally offended.

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