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Did You Know That Colombia's Most Obese Baby Has Been Rescued By A Charity For….


Santiago Mendoza from Valledupar, Colombia is only 8 months old but he already weighs 42 lbs. This would be a normal weight for a 6-year-old but Santiago is badly overweight for his young age and requires medical help.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Eunice Fandino, the boy’s mother, contacted the charity organization Chubby Hearts which flew Santiago from his home to Bogota, the capital of Colombia in order to undergo special medical treatment. Mrs. Fandino admits that she is to blame for her son’s condition. He was a very anxious baby and whenever he cried she would feed him to calm him down. At one point things got out of hand as Santiago started to gain too much weight. What is more, he and his mother were literally housebound as the boy was too big to be taken out.

The boy has already been admitted to hospital several times and specialists are currently assessing his condition. The doctors will try to reduce his weight before performing several operations. Santiago’s mother trusts the doctors’ advice and plans to follow medics’ instructions.




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