Did you know that Courtney Love lost $27 million from…


Apart from remaining a famous widow, it sure pays being the widow of the notorious Kurt Cobain.

Image Source: WIKIPEDIA
Image Source: WIKIPEDIA


Nobody but Courtney Love herself can say just how much she inherited from her late husband and Nirvana’s ex-frontman Kurt Cobain when he died back in 1994. Nirvana was and still is the most successful grunge band even nowadays, so it’s not a wonder that Love inherited millions and millions from the band’s money. But that money is long gone now. According to Love, she lost $27 million from Nirvana’s legacy while she was trying to pay for court fees and settle legal cases. She told the media that she doesn’t regret losing the money, because she had to let them go and she didn’t need them. She claims she’s a grown woman who can earn enough for herself.


Although the 50 year old actress and singer stated that she knows some people won’t make $27 million in a lifetime, she pointed out that it was all rock and rock and that she needed to let go of the money. 


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