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Did You Know That Crying Can Actually Bring You..


Crying is typically provoked by negative emotions but it turns out that it has a cathartic effect and a good cry is really helpful.


This conclusion has been made by Dr William Frey, a neuroscientist and a researcher, who studies crying and its effects. The scientists have spent more than a decade trying to examine tears and crying. According to Dr Frey’s studies, women cry about 47 times annually while men cry only 7 times. In addition, a good cry makes 83% of women and 73% of men feel much better afterwards.

If you still don’t believe crying is good for you, here are a few positive effects of tears: crying significantly reduces stress levels and we all know stress is really harmful; crying reduces high blood pressure and controls heart rate; tears lower the levels of manganese in the body – this mineral is known to have a negative effect on our mood; shedding tears help us get rid of toxins accumulated in the body; crying is one of the things that distinguishes humans from other living beings.


So, if you feel like crying, don’t hold your tears as shedding them could be really beneficial for you.


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