Did you know that Daniel Balsam is a US man who got so infuriated with constant email spam that he quit his job, got a law degree and has so far earned over…


A man, named Daniel Balsam, hated e-mail spammers to such a length that he became a certified lawyer and started suing them.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

Spam e-mail is quite annoying. However, it can also be risky and dangerous to your personal data, computer or mobile device, identity, and so on. Balsam is one of the many guys out there trying to fight the countless e-mail spammers.


Balsam used to work in the marketing industry and he got so infuriated with the tons of spammer organizations sending him spam e-mail that he decided he should file a lawsuit. His first lawsuit was filed in 2002, but since it didn’t do much good, the guy kept filing lawsuit after another lawsuit. He eventually decided to reevaluate his vocation in life and enrolled into the Hasting College of Law at the University of California. He successfully graduated in 2008 and became a lawyer. Up to present days most of the lawsuits filed by him have earned him approximately $1 million in total.

Balsam is suing mostly advertising agencies and organizations, which are using spam e-mails for profit purposes. He’s filing his lawsuits under the California-based anti-spam law and he’s using his targets in small claims courts. On the other hand, various companies have also tried suing the guy for various reasons – from violating non-disparagement agreements to violating settlement confidentiality. The lawyer’s aim is to clean the Internet from direct spammers and bigger organizations, which are making profits through spam ads. The reason behind the lawsuits is making companies reconsider the initial decision they’ve made to advertise their products and services through spam mail. As great as his cause seems, however, Balsam is often claimed as a violator, who is taking advantage of the global legal system.


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