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Did you know that Daniel Radcliffe is en…


Harry may have married Ginny, but the real face behind the famous wizard is yet to tie the knot.
Even though it’s hard to keep your personal life out of the spotlight when you’re famous for portraying Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has been doing a good job at it for the past several years.


His private life stayed private up until recently, when the media exploded with news of his engagement. Daniel met his fiancé Erin Darke while the two were filming Kill Your Darlings. The 24 year old British actor and Darke have been together ever since. The couple went on a trip to France recently and picked out an engagement ring. A source close to the couple told the media the two were trying to stay under the paparazzi’s radar, but that they were extremely happy about the engagement.
Rumors are flying around the Internet that Rupert Grint, also known as Ronald Weasley, is going to be Dan’s best man at the wedding, which is set to take place in the US in 2015.


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