Did You Know That Debbie Bird, An English Woman, Is Completely Allergic To Modern Day..


Living in the 21st century we take for granted most of the modern day technology inventions we use on a daily basis: we are so used to cooking dinner in the microwave, driving a car and even talking on our mobile phones. Unfortunately, there are people like Debbie Bird who are completely unable to use any of these. Debbie is hypersensitive and allergic to cell phones and microwaves.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

It’s a very odd condition that is connected mainly to exposure to electromagnetic fields. If Debbie is exposed to any sort of electromagnetic waves she immediately receives a painful rash all over her body complemented by a swelling of her eyelids. Computers, cell-phones, microwaves even some cars produce such waves thus Debbie has to stay away from any of these.


She is currently living in a safe environment. Debbie renovated her home with the help of a health spa manager and turned it into an absolutely EMF free space so she could remain healthy.


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