Did you know that Dennis Rodman's father had over 26 children with…


Dennis Rodman is probably one of the most popular American basketball players of all time. He played for several NBA teams, including Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, and he is an American Hall of Fame player.


Rodman has retired playing basketball professionally but he still gets lots of public attention with his controversial behavior. He has always defined himself as a “bad boy” and he used to have an unhappy and difficult childhood.
Denis Rodman was born in 1961 in New Jersey. His father Philander Rodman was an Air Force pilot and participated in the Vietnam War. Philander left the family when Denis was young and his mother Shirley raised him. Rodman’s father claims that he has 26 or 28 children with 16 different women. Thus, by definition, Denis Rodman is a philanderer. Philander settled in the Philippines and Denis hasn’t seen him for 42 years. Father and son met in 2012 when Denis went to the Philippines for a basketball game.


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