Did You Know That Desperate Chinese Students Tie Their Hair To The Ceiling To…


The Higher education in China is rapidly changing and developing to meet the growing needs of the 21st century. Every year there are over 10 million high-school graduates battling for nearly 7 million bachelor positions across 2000 universities in China. Competition is beyond fierce in all levels of education. Studying in order to be successful is a top priority practically for all young people.
You need to work really hard just to be granted the opportunity to become a university student. When you do, then you will have to work even harder to maintain a good GPA and eventually graduate.


There are millions of students who can’t fit their workloads during the day and they are obligated to pull all-nighters just to make sure they won’t fail. There is a variety of methods in order to keep yourself awake and counter the urge to doze off. Here is the solution of two 20-year-old Chinese students enrolled at the Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University in Fuzhou.

The girl named Chen Tang got inspired after reading an old Chinese legend featuring two scholars who used innovative methods to keep themselves awake during all-nighters. One of them used needles to prickle himself and the other one used to tie his hair on a beam attached to the ceiling, so it was pulled painfully every time he started to fall asleep.

Chen Tang and her roommate Huang Lu chose the second option. They used a simple clothes drier and pinned their hair to it each time they had to study for exams continuously. Although it’s a seemingly painful solution, it appears to be healthier than a caffeine rich diet.





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