Did you know that Did you know that Charlie Sheen has been offered a free membership for the rest of his life from by an STD…


Shortly after Charlie Sheen decided to publicly share the fact that he is HIV positive, one STD dating website decided to offer him a free membership for the rest of his lifetime.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Charlie Sheen isn’t a stranger to online dating websites. In fact, he used to be an avid member of Millionaire Match, a dating site for millionaires. According to official reports, he was quite active on the said website for several months. So, it comes to no surprise that when the actor told the entire world that he was HIV positive, an STD dating website offered him a membership.


The site is named Positive Singles and it claims that having in mind Charlie’s online dating history and his health problems, it would be only natural for him to move on to a new online dating website that focuses not on millionaires, but on users with STD. The website’s staff claims that Charlie should be talking to people, who have experienced the troubles he has been through regarding his condition and that Positive Singles is the best option. The website has offered him a free membership for the rest of his life in case he decides to join.

Sheen was diagnosed with the condition approximately 4 years ago and up until November he was spending millions each year on paying various people to keep their mouths shut and to not out him to the media. However, the 50 year old actor claims he is sick of being blackmailed and he wants to face the consequences of embracing the reality and his condition. Even though Charlie’s net worth has been estimated to be approximately $150 million, he doesn’t want to spend his money on blackmailers.


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