Did you know that Disabled woman was dumped by Tunisian boy right after he got a…


A woman who was left disabled because of osteoarthritis married a young man from Tunisia, and was left not too long after he moved to the United Kingdom.

Image Source: Channel 5
Image Source: Channel 5

You hear about this all too often lately. You’re single and lonely so, you decide to search for love on the wonderful World Wide Web. There are tons and tons of dating websites in todays times. It seems more popular than meeting in real life. Some dating websites are E-Harmony,, PlentyOfFish, and OKCupid to name a few. All you do is load a picture of yourself, answer a few questions and boom, your profile is created and you’re on your way to finding love. Sometimes, people use this to try to gain residency in a new country. You meet somebody from another country, say you’re in love and next thing you know, they’re coming to live with you in your country. Shortly after they marry and the immigrant gains residency to the country, they leave the person the met, never to be heard from again. This has to be a terrible situation to go through. Here’s a story about a 64 year old woman named Patricia who went through this type of horrendous experience, just, a little bit different. Her story was told on a show called Holiday Love Rats Exposed.

Patricia was fumbling around a dating website when she stumbled upon a 26 year old named Mondher, he was from Tunisia. He was charming and instantly gained her attention. It was only after three weeks after they met online, he said the three words; I love you. She then was head over heels. Patricia decided to go meet Mondher in the country of North Africa. He had such a great way with words and told her he wanted to marry her. “Lets get married, let’s just do it” he told her.
Patricia has to use a mobility scooter to get around because of her osteoarthritis. Of course she was smitten and made the decision to marry him in Tunisia in the year 2012. She payed for the whole wedding.

“He was telling me he was going to treat me like a princess, we could buy a car and he would take me out where I wanted to go,”


Patricia said.

Not very long at all after the wedding, Mondher moved to the United Kingdom. That is when the relationship began to unravel. They began fighting a lot and Patricia said living with her husband was like being in a “nightmare.”
Quickly after that happened, Patricia denied to pay for a new visa. Mondher then left her to move away to Portsmouth, leaving here “gutted.”
A statement was given to the TV station broadcasting the show where he claimed to have moved to the United Kingdom to find love, not for the money and that the marriage was broken down because of problems that were out of his control.


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