Did You Know That Divers Found A Man Alive After Spending 60 Hours In A Sunken ….


In late May this year around 20 miles off the coast of Delta State in Southern Nigeria a tugboat with 12 people on board that were working on an oil platform experienced difficulties. Later it capsized and slowly sunk approximately 100 feet to the bottom of the sea.

What is considered to be the most incredible turnout of events is that only one sailor was able to survive. He was stuck in an air pocket inside the sunken ship and stayed underwater for over 3 days before search and rescue teams were dispatched.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The name of the sole survivor is Harrison Okene. He said that he was in the bathroom in the middle of the night wearing just his shorts when suddenly the ship overturned and he became stranded inside. He did not have any food or water and survived only on small sips of Coca-Cola that he found which literally kept him alive in these 3 hard days in the dark.


The scuba diving team were instructed that they need to conduct a dead body recovery mission. After diving in and reaching the vessel they were shocked to find Mr. Okene alive and well inside the small air pocket. The surviving chef of the boat immediately grabbed one of the divers when he saw the lights.

Harrison Okene later shared that he was not yet fully recovered from this traumatic experience as he sometimes had terrifying nightmares.


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