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Did You Know That Doctors Cured A Child Born With HIV For…


Statistics show that approximately 1, 200 children are born with HIV in US every year. Doctors have developed a series of prevention strategies and drugs. Sometimes they manage to cure the children, but not fully. The children continue their lives with a minimal amount of virus but they still have it.


Up until now. For the first time ever doctors in the US have found a way to completely cure a child born with HIV. Sometimes the results don’t show the virus, because its percentage is too low, but later in life the virus strikes again. However, in this child’s case the medics did cure the virus. They stated that the treatment lasted for about a month. After that the mother and her baby continued visiting the doctors for check-ups but after a while they stopped. The doctors hadn’t seen the child for about five months but they believed that the virus would return.


However, when the mother brought the baby for a check-up again an HIV test was performed and the results were negative. The baby is now two and a half years old and the doctors in Mississippi believe the child will lead a happy and healthy live.


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