Did You Know That Doctors Told Miley Cyrus To Go On…


Just as Miley sings in one of her song she “can’t stop” but, apparently, she will have to. The singer has been travelling around the globe to promote her new album ‘Bangerz’ and she also plans to start her world tour in mid February 2014. However, doctors have specifically advised that she needs to take a vocal rest as Miley herself posted on Twitter yesterday. Given how hectic Miley’s schedule have been lately she was fine with the doctor’s orders and later informed her 15.5 million followers that it was “time to go be sicky”.


Miley’s performance at the UK X Factor last Sunday was rather overwhelming and she struggled to perform ‘Wrecking Ball’. Her fans might have been left disappointed but just because the singer is not going to sing for a while doesn’t mean she won’t talk or tweet. In an interview for Cosmopolitan’s December issue, which Mylie is going to be on the cover of, she stated that liking her is “almost punk rock as society wants to shut her down”.


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