Did You Know That Don Decker A.K.A. The Rain Man Was Able To ….


Don Decker was just a regular man living in Pennsylvania when something very weird started happening around him. Back in 1983 Don was sentenced to a few months of jail time for receiving stolen possessions. He was out on a week’s leave to attend the funeral of his deceased grandfather when he went to visit a friend in his home and that is when bizarre events started to take place.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

According to Don, while being in the bathroom he was attacked by his dead grandfather’s ghost who scratched his arm. As soon as Don got out of the bathroom it started raining right inside the house. Unable to find the source of the rain, Don and his friend went to a cafe where, amazingly, it started to rain again. After returning to jail Don was sent to the prison’s priest because of the rain that once again started falling, this time in his prison cell. The priest did some sort of exorcism ceremony on Don as the rain ceased as suddenly as it had started and never appeared again.


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