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Did you know that Donald Trump ran a university that turned out to be a scam!?


Trump University, the institution owned by and named after business magnate Donald Trump, has been accused of misleading more than 5000 students who have graduated from the business school to find that they have not acquired the skills necessary to succeed in their chosen field.


Eric Schneiderman (New York Attorney General) started a 40 million lawsuit against Trump and organizations linked to the running of the university. Claimants allege that they suffered financial harm and were deceived by the organisation. Students paid between $1500 and $35,000 for education, additional courses and programs, but upon completing their classes, were unequipped to perform to the required level for employment.


Trump’s lawyer rejected the accusation, commenting that there was political motivation behind the charges. According to Michael Cohen, speaking in defence of Trump, Schneiderman was given over $12 000 during his campaign to become Attorney General, a sum which he felt was insufficient. However, a spokesman for Schneiderman stated that the attorney general’s determination to continue with the case spoke volumes about his character.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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